Nairobi City, Founded at the turn of the century, Nairobi has grown from small railroad town to a large cosmopolitan city with a population approaching two million. Much is to be seen around the capital. The Nairobi Museum has numerous exhibits of the late Dr. Leakey’s great finds, a collection of original artifacts from Kenyan tribes and a superb collection of mounted birds. Adjacent to the Museum is the Snake Park and the Aviary.
The Railway Museum is a must for visitors interested in the country’s history as well as National Assembly (Parliament), Branch at the Jamia mosque and also view the Macmillan Memorial library. You could also visit the view point at the Uhuru Park. To conclude the tour, you branch at the Municipal City Market where you can purchase a couple of beautiful souvenirs.


  •   7th wonder of the world
  • Annual migration of wildebeests.
  • Masai/samburu culture.
  • Exploration of great rift valley.
  • Rare reticulated giraffe and gravy zebras.
  • World’s famous birds sanctuary with millions of flamingoes.