Nairobi City Excursion

  • Destination: Nairobi
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Package One: Nairobi City Tour

Nairobi was built in 1899, and grew as a central point for the Kenya-Uganda railway. Nairobi comes from the Maasai word, “Enkare Nyrobi” meaning the “place of cool water”.

During your tour of Nairobi, you will visit a variety of places. The tour covers the modern city, the busy Nairobi market, the McMillan Library, the office of the President, the highly esteemed Parliament building, the prestigious Kenyatta International Conference Centre, the Railway Museums and the renowned National Museum of Kenya. At the National Museum, there are incredible displays of the early man, an arena of African Regalia and consortium of the Flora and the Fauna of Kenya. Adjacent to this is the Snake Park with various species of animals like Snakes, Crocodiles, Tortoises, Lizards and more.

Package Two: Nairobi National Park / Animal Orphanage / Bomas of Kenya

Just 8km from the bustling city of Nairobi is this unique wildlife sanctuary, the Nairobi National Park which has over 50 species of animals including four of the big five; you will also see many of the savannah game such as Giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Buffalo, Warthog to mention but a few.

The tour also covers Animal Orphanage which is a miniature though non-exhaustive representation of the Nairobi National Park.
Bomas is a Swahili word for villages – The Bomas of Kenya was created to provide a one stop point where all traditional dances of the diverse cultural groups and other parts of Africa are performed. You will have a chance to see African homesteads in their original indigenous set up reflecting a cross board of Kenya’s different cultures, customs and traditions. The greatest experience however, is during the afternoons featuring traditional music, dancing and songs performed in a splendid arena.

Package Three: Karen Blixen / Giraffe Centre / African Butterfly Centre

On this excursion, you will take a drive towards the Ngong Hills at the foot of Masai Land and visit the Karen Blixen, now part of the Kenya National Museums and former residence of the world famous Danish writer Karen Blixen (Out Of Africa). The place is surely set to captivate you. You will then proceed with a visit to the Giraffe centre, dedicated to educating Kenyan youth in conservation of the environment and preservation of endangered wildlife and their habitat. You will have a chance to come face to face with the tallest mammal on earth and even feed them with your bare hand as the famous “Daisy” Rothschild Giraffe roam freely within the grounds of Giraffe centre.

The excursion ends with a visit to the therapeutic African Butterfly centre.

Package Four: The Carnivore

Nairobi has numerous restaurants offering a variety of exotic and African cuisines. The Carnivore is unique for its succulent barbecue dishes and steaks. This is the only place you can have a variety of game meat served in one meal. A part from beef, pork and other traditional meats, you will have the opportunity to taste other game meat including Giraffe, Zebra and Crocodile, delicious side dishes and exceptional array of sauces will complement your dinner.

Carnivore houses Nairobi’s famous Simba Saloon nightclub offering great snacks and pulsating rhythms of a combination of African music to ensure an exciting evening out. Few if any, have resisted the temptation to go back to Carnivore. We strongly recommend dinner or lunch here.

Package Five: Lake Nakuru National Park

The lake is only a few kilometers from Nakuru town and 160kms west of Nairobi. You will descend the escarpment to the dramatic landscape of the scenic Rift to the world’s ornithological wonder.

You will be treated to an extensive tour of the Park, with lunch being served at the Park. Lake Nakuru National Park comprise a rich ecology and is home to many species of the plain game while Bird lovers will find the flamingoes coloring the beaches of the lake white-pink wonderfully amazing. There are resident preying birds and it is common to find the proud secretary birds making a kill of large snakes.